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Our concept of absolute digitalisation is to reform the nature of creativity by providing autonomous raster to vector conversion quality at amazingly reasonable rates. We provide an expeditious vector art service in a span of twenty-four-hour duration. Our skilled team of digital art experts works this wonder with the help of the latest software and hardware with complete commitment and skill. The creative and customised vector art service is absolute to a particular requirement. It is also perfect in areas like marketing and promoting articles, screen printing, digital printing etc. Vector art services is one stop shop anyone really waits for. Let us now take a close look at what is really vector art digitalisation.

Vector art makes use of mathematical equations to create effects and graphic shapes. For this very reason, the file size is much smaller than the regular pixel-based file and can be resized to any size without the loss of quality as everything is mathematically resized. Raster to vector art conversions service is great for promoting products. It helps marketing for the companies that require a fast turnaround time in vector conversions. Vector artworks are extensively used by most of the printers because they can efficiently create negative and positive films which are used to transfer your logo or image on to the particular product. In this era, it is really good if schools, colleges, organisations, and clubs should have their logo created in a vector format, it’s because such logos made in a vector format can be used for running marketing campaigns in future.

Taking a closer look at what files can be vectorised, it is that as long as we see the particular image, we can vectorise it in formats like pdf, doc, jpeg, gif, tiff etc. We are skilful to create a vector file from a sketch that has been scanned and sent to us. All that is required in this process is that you just need to mail us the file that needs a vector art conversion service.

Many of you might think about what vector files we supply and what are they really good for. Well, the answer is that we have a huge supply of vector files which include AI, EPS, CDR, PDF and many more vector files. The vector files are very much used commercially. They are also suitable in speciality printers, cut ready art for banners and signs, web use, engravers and more. It’s always important to specify on what file you need the vector art service done so that it can be prepared according to the specifications given from your end.

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Vectorisation is mostly done by manually drawn in a vector format or using an automated tracing tool or by even used by combining both together. Now, you might be thinking that why should we even convert into a vector. Well, the answer is really easy. It is that any vector art is scalable. It is possible to enlarge a vector file to any size without even losing an inch of quality. On the other hand, there are raster images which are made up of pixels and do not tend to mount up without the loss of quality. They usually look pixilated while expanded. Vector graphics are decision independent. They can be used at a very high resolution. For example, if a printer demands for 600 dots per inch image file, the vector file can also be printed at the same six hundred dots per inch range. If a printer requires a thousand two hundred dots per inch file, a vector file can also be printed in the same resolution. The resolution of a raster image is confined to the number of pixels in the file.

Vector art conversion service decreases the number on colour and printing costs. The vector image will drastically reduce the number of colour plates the printer will need to print the particular image. It also helps to decrease printing costs, and you can also get the advantage of selecting from a pre-printed spot colour swatch for a perfect colour match. This method is required by most of the businesses around the globe. A lot of sign companies especially engravers, screen and specialty printers favour vector art for their process.  It is a real must for processes like vinyl cutting and engraving to use vector signs as their equipment is guided by a way exhibited only in a vector file.

At Sagas Design Services, we take endless pride in our digitalising services; all our designs are hand digitized. We never encourage the use of any auto embroidery digitizing functions for any of our craft. We only believe in quality and precision. What we exactly during this process is, we transform your images into high-quality vector art. We are operating with professionally skilled vector artists to create the best quality vector art files which also include files like coral draw, adobe eps etc. Here are few striking reasons as to why you need to opt for our Vector Art Service

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